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Reference for Printed Placemats x 6

The resolution of your picture (686 × 473 Pixel) allows the following print formats:
Placemats x 6 (Landscape) 8" x 11" £ 38.00 £ 19.00
Placemats x 6 (Portrait) 11" x 8" £ 38.00 £ 19.00
The resolution of your picture (686 × 473 Pixel) allows the following print formats:
Black & White
Sepia Effect

Personal Canvas Prints - Printed Placemats


·       Customised placemats for a personal home dining experience.

·       Six placemats in each set for family meals and entertaining.

·       Fully bespoke design process using your own photography.

·       User-friendly editing tools with standard 20 x 28 cm sets.

Premium Personal Placemat Sets


The custom printed placemats sets from Personal Canvas Prints are a must-have for keen chefs and busy kitchens looking to create bespoke placemats with their logo, design, graphics or illustrations! Each set of six placemats is printed by our team of UK craftspeople, using advanced techniques to produce quality placemats that will protect your counter or table and look stunningly vivid in colour.

Quality Sets of Six Personalised Placemats


·       Full-colour printing with a range of effects and shading options.

·       Create unique placemats for your home, business or as a personalised gift.

·       Crisp professional print technology for vivid colours and a polished finish.

Creating Your Custom Placemat Set


Designing a customised set of printing placemats is straightforward with our interactive online design tools. Simply choose your image or photograph, upload it to the Personal Canvas Prints site, and flick through the editing options until you have created your perfect placemat set!


Once you are happy and your order is confirmed, our team gets to work creating premium printed placemat sets with an impeccable finish - designed for durability, heat resistance and easy cleaning for years of use.


·       High resolution printed placemats.

·       Bring your dining table to life with your favourite images.

·       Simple to design and upload your graphics.


While placemats might be a practical requirement for every busy dinner table, they don't need to be dull and purely functional.


Personal Canvas Prints are delighted to produce any custom design you choose, replicated exactly from your uploaded photographs to capture your treasured family images for all the meal times to come.

Ideas for Innovative Custom Placemat Designs


Printed placemats make for a fantastic gift and can be used to recreate memorable moments that will bring a smile to every breakfast!


Create any image you wish, from single photos to a collage, and upload the design directly to our website to recreate it on a quality set of six placemats.


Some of the most popular placemat custom printing projects include photos of family members, special events or moments, or a festive scene from a favourite destination that will join you each dinner time.

Exceptional Quality Placemat Printing


When you upload your image to Personal Canvas Prints, you can choose between a choice of colour effects. The handy editing tool lets you try out full-colour original printing, classic black and white or a vintage sepia tone.


Each set comes in a standard 20 x 28 cm size, so it will slot into any drawer space and has six mats in total, so there are plenty of placemats for the whole family.


Our rectangular placemats can be printed landscape or portrait depending on the image and are simple to clean and take care of after any slips or spills during busy mealtimes.



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