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The resolution of your picture (686 × 473 Pixel) allows the following print formats:
Canvas Square 12" x 12" 0 0
Canvas Portrait 12" x 16" (A3) 0 0
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Unique Artwork Displays with Acrylic Casing
Personal Canvas Print creates bespoke acrylic prints, ensuring your wall art has the ultimate longevity encased in shatter-resistant, UV protective acrylic. This innovative material is exceptionally versatile, being lighter than glass, easy to mount on any wall, and ensuring your personal photo prints remain sharper for longer.

Contemporary Acrylic Photo Prints
·       Highly functional and visually stunning acrylic framing.
·       Clear casing blends with any wall colour or decor scheme.
·       Showcase your favourite photo images without shrinking them to fit into a conventional frame size.

Choosing Your Premium Acrylic Photo Prints
While acrylic is a modern material, the sleek finish with clear casing fits perfectly in either classic design homes or modernistic styles. The sharp vibrancy of an acrylic frame draws attention to your bespoke photo prints, making the colours pop and look incredible.
Printing your treasured photo memories with an acrylic frame achieves a beautifully smooth finish, with light-reflective properties that mean shades look more decadent, and your photo art is 100% protected from dust, UV fading and scratching.
The absence of any edge or frame is ideal for contemporary homes, without any contrasting colour to detract from your personal photography prints.
·       Tough, lightweight and durable photo frames.
·       Easy to hang even on thin internal walls.
·       Enhance the vivid quality of your photo captures.
Acrylic is an excellent choice for gifts since there is no risk that you will pick a frame design or colour that isn't compatible with your recipient's style.

High-Quality Acrylic Photo Prints 
The impressive depth offered by bespoke acrylic casings adds a new dimension to your photo displays. Our teams pour each acrylic frame in multiple stages, ensuring the glass is suitably thick to remain durable for years.
Modern precision framing is accurate to the millimetre, with a high shine polish that looks stunning yet reflects the light to avoid hampering the impact of your photo memories.
Photos in acrylic look incredibly artistic, with bright colours and a wall hanging that looks equally beautiful from multiple angles.

Photo Finishes on Acrylic Glass
Lightweight acrylic photo frames are ideal for properties with delicate plaster since the lightweight casing won't prove too heavy to hang. That benefit applies even if you opt for the largest acrylic photo prints to design an oversized photo print of your most treasured family photographs.
There is a range of options for acrylic glass prints, with multi-colour printing technology backed with a pure white layer to ensure the colours are as vibrant as possible.
High-contrast photo printing ensures your images look as fresh as the day you took them, and the deep acrylic casing creates a gallery style image, with premium finishes as an eye-catching design feature.
Personal Canvas Print creates professional acrylic glass prints, poured carefully in stages to ensure a flawless finish.
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