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The resolution of your picture (686 × 473 Pixel) allows the following print formats:
Printed Bath Towel Medium (Landscape) 28" x 56" £ 40.00 £ 20.00
Printed Bath Towel Large (Landscape) 30" x 60" £ 39.98 £ 19.99
Printed Bath Towel Medium (Portrait) 56" x 28" £ 40.00 £ 20.00
Printed Bath Towel Large (Portrait) 60" x 30" £ 39.98 £ 19.99
The resolution of your picture (686 × 473 Pixel) allows the following print formats:
Black & White
Sepia Effect

Personal Canvas Prints - Printed Bath Towel


·       Beautiful personalised terry cloth bath towels.

·       Ideal for the beach, pool, bathroom or sauna.

·       Professional fabric printing to replicate your photos.

·       Exceptional quality towels with easy machine-wash care.

Premium Personalised Bath Towels


Personal Canvas Prints offers a vast range of unique photo printed wall art and home accessories, including our highly absorbent and snuggly soft bath towels! Personalised bath towels are printed with premium quality inks and won't fade or peel over time.


Full-area images capture your favourite photos in their complete aspect, with a choice of editing options and colour effects to personalise and enhance your memorable moments and family portraits.


A bespoke bath towel is an excellent option for swimming and beach days and ideal for outdoor events, where you'll never get your towels mixed up again!

High-Quality Bath Towel Photo Printing


·       Premium quality terry cloth towels with individual photo printing.

·       Hypoallergenic and quick-drying towel fabrics for your convenience.

·       Simple ordering process to create a bespoke personalised bath towel.

Designing Your Unique Printed Bath Towel


If you've never designed a unique accessory before, you're in for a real treat! The Personal Canvas Prints editing tools are straightforward to use and will guide you through our suggestions depending on the resolution of your selected image.


Upload your graphics and select any customisation options you wish before submitting your finished design to our expert printing team to get to work.


Each order is printed by hand at our UK workshop, with professional-grade inks designed to remain vibrant and impactful even after multiple washes.


·       User-friendly photo uploads and editing tools.

·       Fast production turnaround times.

·       Secure payments and reliable UK deliveries.


Bath lovers will enjoy the wonderful experience of being wrapped in a soft bath towel after a long soak, and your bathroom receives an instant style upgrade with your new personalised towel.

Inspired Bespoke Bath Towel Prints


Personal Canvas Prints creates durable, colourfast printed towels that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Our bespoke personalised towels are ready to use and can be machine-washed or used as a photographic beach towel for many years to come.


If a loved one is setting off on their exotic adventures, a personalised bath towel makes for a brilliant gift - and means they won't forget your face when reclining on a beach in a far-flung country!


Bespoke bath towels are also a great way to bring a bolt of colour to your bathrooms and make these functional spaces more personal and relaxing.

High-Quality Bespoke Bath Towels


The Personal Canvas Prints team offers exceptional quality photo printing across a wide range of home accessory items.


If you're stuck for a gift, why not replicate your favourite photo with a friend or a particular family portrait onto a customised bath towel they can enjoy for years to come!


We aim to ship orders promptly, using reliable delivery services to bring your unique photos to life and have your printed bath towel in your hands as quickly as possible.


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